Master Your Splits

Why Master the Splits?


Now if you are unaware, splits are extremely important for a dancer to master, and the quicker the better for your dancer’s impending success. Mastering the splits is crucial for a dancer because this dictates how well she is able to perform almost every style and skill in the dance dictionary. At DBT we offer a wide variety of ways for your little dancer to master the splits as well as book guides to do so by our impeccable staff. At DBT studios, we inform our dancers that by stretching their hamstrings and hips to the point of performing a split you can improve your leg extensions, jumps, turns and much more. Think of it as your dancer’s homework to help them get more flexible!


Mastering of the splits also promotes body awareness in your dancer. When attempting a split you become aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. The split requires that you are aware of each muscle and tendon’s movements. Once you master the split you are not only more flexible but you are more aware of your body’s limitations and just how far you can push yourself. Splits also assist in the development of patience as well as the realization that if you work hard you will and can succeed. This process is very important at DBT because we are constantly asking our dancers to push harder and take more from their classes. By mastering the splits early on you can develop the necessary skills of dance and this improves your chances of becoming an advanced dancer.


Here’s a great split guide: