Production Tryouts-What to Do and What Not to Do

Production season is just around the corner and all those tryouts are starting to happen. Here’s a quick list of the Do’s and Don’ts for dance production tryouts: nn Do- Practise but don’t go crazy over it. If you over-practise you might end up looking more like a robot than a dancer. n –Come prepared […]

Flash Mob Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Stuck in a rut about choosing choreography, songs, or themes? Here’s a couple of tried and true ideas! Take a step back, relax, and get ready to dance! nn Themed flash mob dances can be funny, cute, etc. the sky is limited only by your creativity! I actually just recently went to a wedding where […]

A Beginner’s Guide to The Classic Wedding Flash Mob #101 #alltherage

There’s no better way to surprise and entertain than with a big FLASH MOB! It’s also a way to get more people involved in the wedding, too, especially since not everyone can be part of the bridal party. Not sure about how to go about making/participating in a flash mob? Here’s a little beginner’s guide […]

What To Pack For Dance Classes

When you go to your algebra math class, you make sure you have a notebook, calculator, and pencil. When you go on a trip, you do some research to see that you’ll be bringing the right clothes and other traveling gear. Even when you get ready to drive your car, you check for your license, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Stretching

Stretching is one of the most important parts of a dancer’s daily routine and yet it is often overlooked and done incorrectly. nn A large majority of dancers experience ankle, knee, back and hip injuries from not stretching properly. At DBT we offer a wide range of stretch classes which will not only teach your […]

Master Your Splits

Why Master the Splits? n Now if you are unaware, splits are extremely important for a dancer to master, and the quicker the better for your dancer’s impending success. Mastering the splits is crucial for a dancer because this dictates how well she is able to perform almost every style and skill in the dance […]

Unusual Dance Classes to Try

Everyone’s familiar with hip-hop, jazz, tap, and ballet. But at DanceWorks by T, we actually offer 13 different dance classes for kids, teens, and adults to try. In today’s blog, we’re going to go into some of the dance types that aren’t as well-known, but are just as fun and exciting! nn Diversity and change […]

Advice From Professional Dancers

DanceWorks by T knows a lot about the industry, and we’ve compiled some tips for anyone who’s thinking about pursuing dance. Some of these tips are from professional dancers themselves. But as always, every dance career starts with lots of dance classes. n You can still be seen from the back line. n So often […]

Benefits of Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is one of the most popular forms of dance out there. Not only is it fun and entertaining for the audience to watch, but it is also a blast for the dancer! Aside from being a great activity, tap has many other benefits for the performer. In this blog post, we will let […]

Dance and Your Health

No matter your age, it’s almost impossible to resist tapping your toes or nodding your head when you hear a catchy song. Dance is an incredible way to express your feelings or even tell a story without uttering even a single word. Not only is dancing so much fun for those that let the music […]